Friday, July 22, 2011


building 1

One of my favourite things about where I work is walking through the back streets during my lunch break. In winter, it can be pretty but rain makes for a cold and slushy trip around the place. We've had a couple of days of unseasonable sunshine the past week, and I finally got to go out and walk through some of my favourite alleyways. I seem to find a lot of inspiration and ideas just wandering around, as well as awesome street art to photograph and junk to pick up and bring home.

Since my last trip, the back of this building has undergone a HUGE facelift. I love it. I'm not sure who the artist that did this piece was though, but the colours and shapes literally made me stop dead in the middle of the street and stare.

building 4

building 6

building 3

Something about it reminds me of the older stuff of Malota, who I've been fascinated with for years now. Definitely worth checking her site out. More photos of this amazing building at my flickr.

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